Rat Glue Trap: Rat Trapping Tips And Tricks

by Koa Makai
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Glue traps are non-toxic adhesive glue spread over the cardboards and placed where rats frequently make their route. When the rat or any other animal goes above it, it gets trapped. To attract the rat, one can also place bait on the trap. The first rule to use a trap is to use plenty of them. You may need to set multiples traps, including the traps, as there is no warranty of the rats getting caught. The rat population is way larger than expected and ensures that you are not catching mice. The glue trap is an affordable option, and there are very few chances for the rat to become trap shy and can be used in a variety of places. A typical mousetrap is not that big enough for rats, so glue traps are perfect. One can use bait such as peanut butter, cheese, nuts, or meat to attract the rats.

Trap Installation

Pest control wholesale is a severe issue, especially for rats, as their population is way larger than foreseen. To trap rats, place the rats in their active environment. These areas generally include corners, behind machines, anywhere where they get to hide. As the rats move and touch surfaces, place the trap accordingly. It’s best to set traps with a distance gap of 20-25 feet distant. A good way is to put the web on walls, as rats usually climb up to avoid disclosure.

Trapping Trips

  1. Position the traps at a place where the rats move around in their natural time because there are the most chances to see them. Rats always get hesitant in new objects and the positioning of new traps, which for some time, but then they will get stuck.
  2. One can place the traps on carboard or pan, or the traps can be stuck on the wall. Always put some bait around the web, which will you to trap the rat. As soon as they start taking the bait, they move around to look for more, and they eventually get stuck on the rat glue trap. The setup will help you catch all the rats before they get adapted and realize that it’s a trap. The process is called mass trapping, in which rats get trapped shy, and it gets hard to catch them.
  3. To use the rat traps in commercials, it’ll be mandatory to put 2-3 dozen traps to catch all of them. Trapping rats in an open environment is quite hard, but a correct number of traps will help you see them.
  4. Putting the traps in the corner doesn’t help much in pest control wholesale. The traps hold the mouse in one place and don’t allow it to move (once it’s stuck, it’s stuck), and if you don’t catch any rat in 2-3 days, change the place of the trap.
  5. Always use gloves while disposing of the rat. Check the traps and change them if required. To combat any health threats, use a disinfectant spray in your house.

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