3 Easy Steps to Liven Up Your Living Room

by Koa Makai
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A bright, decluttered, yet – stylish and unique home is something everyone dreams of. Feels like your living room might need a little upgrade – more personal touch and functionality? While there are many tips to liven up this space, you want to make it functional too, especially in a fast-paced environment, where home is no longer only a place to relax or catch up with friends but work too. Here are 3 easy steps to liven up any living room of any interior style.

Let the Light into the Space

To create that bright space feeling, you want to get that perfect combination of artificial and natural lighting. Start with a natural light source – open up the windows. Depending on your situation, it could mean:

  • Rearranging the furniture
  • Removing decorations blocking the light
  • Getting rid of heavy, impractical draperies

Likely, you’ll have to consider all three. Look for minimalist design and practical window treatments to control the natural light of the outdoors. Creating a modern style interior? Invest in automated blinds (indoor or outdoor). Seeking the Scandinavian beach house vibes? Invest in quality, made-to-measure shutters Lexblinds window treatment professionals can help you find stylish and efficient options.

Consider Using a Single Area Rug

Regarding clutter, modern and minimalist interior fans often claim that rugs are the ones that create it. However, when done right, rugs not only liven up the space but also allow the shaping of different zones in a room. Especially nowadays, with so many open-plan apartments, rugs can be game-changing accents. For instance, if your living room happens to be your workspace, use a large rug to establish the main living room area and a smaller one – to carve out the home office space.

Look for something to match a current colour scheme or, even better – a statement piece to add personal touch and style. Such a simple step, but it makes such a significant difference.

Add a Touch of Greenery

Incorporating plants and greenery into any interior living room is always a good idea. However, it’s not about adding a final touch with a small flower bouquet on a coffee table or a tiny succulent on a shelve. It’s about making plants a part of your interior design. Get creative with the greenery displays – incorporate large statement floor plants, hanging baskets, plant shelves or even wall planters. Important note – choose plants responsibly and consider species that will do well in your space.

These are the 3 small steps toward a significant living room change. Let in the light, think of a functional room plan (it appears it can be created with a few stylish rugs) and add a touch of greenery. A bunch of well-thought-out greenery would be a more accurate expression. Seems like sometimes it’s not about the amount of money spent on perfecting every little detail, but that little something to create that bright, lively, and well-organised space feeling.

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