2022 Interior Design Trends You Need to Know About.

by Koa Makai
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When it comes to our homes, most homeowners spend thousands of pounds ensuring that it’s a place of comfort, safety, and a space in which our individual tastes and personality preferences can shine. Owning a property is perhaps one of the biggest (if not the biggest) investments you will make throughout your lifetime, therefore there is an expectation that you will care for it and treat it as a place filled with love and comfortability. Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, most of us turned our hand at renovating our homes. While we spent the best part of two years trapped indoors, homeowners came to realise that in amongst the chaos of their everyday lives, truthfully, some parts of their home had become neglected- or could do with a little refresh. Although the notion of interior design has always been a popular interest of many, luckily, there are dozens of resources available to keep you up with upcoming and various trends. As it’s the start of 2022, here at We Buy Any House we have compiled the biggest interior 2022 design trends you need to know about

Statement Pieces of Lighting:

Those who spend time investing and researching interior design trends will understand the importance of lighting. The choices you make in terms of your lighting, from the type of bulb to the fixture itself and placement can have a huge impact on the way light is projected through your household. For 2022, interior design will focus on featuring statement pieces of lighting. In equal parts both fashionable yet functional, incorporating statement lighting into your property will enable your home to be beautifully illuminated while also showcasing the light fixtures as artwork.

Colourful Kitchens:

While neutral themed kitchens have been popular for decades, 2022 is the year for plunging into the unknown. The pandemic has brought around a lot of uncertainty, and while we lavished in neutral tones to help comfort us during the pandemic, it’s now time to install colour into our kitchens. Incorporating colour into the kitchen is a great and easy way to instill feelings of positivity and confidence into our homes- and crazy colour combinations will becoming more appealing throughout the home.

Cottage Vibes:

A popular but distinct taste, “cottagecore” as it’s known, will become increasingly popular in the year of 2022. Emerging slowly in 2021, cottagecore incorporates the dreamy and comfortable, snug nature of a cottage with natural tones and pastel colours. Combining the idyllic settings of the countryside, the style embraces the rurality of the countryside, and indulges in the return of baking and foraging by the use of natural elements such as wood.


The notion of upcycling is already a huge trend- but prepare for it to soar in 2022. As climate change becomes more of a pressing issue, homeowners are feeling the responsibility to ensure that their home is as eco-friendly as possible. Creating a mindful home, which includes reusing artwork, sewing materials such as curtains and napkins are all set to be a trend in 2022, as home improvement shifts towards a fast-fashion and unsustainable hobby.

Including Texture:

In the year 2022, mixing and including different types of textures will be a paramount trend. Although people already have texture in their home, what really defines this trend in 2022 is the mixing of different and what you may deem as ‘clashing’ patterns. Envision a sofa with velvet cushions, wooden ornaments and sisal carpets. What may sound like an eyesore will add warmth, personality and create an inviting space.

Parisian Inspired Interior:

You may have never been to Paris- but surely, you’re not going to let that stop you from incorporating it into your home?! Make the interior of your home transportive and get involved with your own modern interpretation of Parisian- inspired home design trends. Things such as iridescent crystals or materials, combined with pastel colours and an emphasis on natural light will help you to create your perfect Parisian interior.

A Home Bar:

Considering we missed out on a whole year of socialising and fun events- is there even a need to reason to incorporate a bar into our home. Whether we go back into lockdown (although we pray that doesn’t happen!) or you’re working from home, having a bar at home is one way to incorporate some fun and is a reason to invite those over to your home and socialise.


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